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Nhlalonhle wellness was established in 2014 by a Social work graduate who is passionate about employee productivity in the work place and learner’s performance in academics and extra mural activities. The company focuses on Employees wellness and Learners support in Secondary school. The company is led by a successful and passionate influencer who has since grown in the field of supportive counseling, life coaching and personal wellness as well as talent development. 

Nhlalonhle is a growing wellness company that displayed excellence in service delivery and shown growth over the years. The company has focused on the Psycho-social, academic and personal solutions that are tailored to meet the required service for each client. Our EWP (Employee Wellness Programs) are precisely designed to satisfy both the employer’s and employee’s wellness requirements. This approach ensures the provision of a tailor-made service offering through a selection of our wide range of holistic services. Our team works hard in ensuring that all services users’ needs are fulfilled.  

We take confidence in that since our establishment, we have been successful in inspiring winning performance both in the work environment for employees and the academic and extra mural activities for the learners. Our program for employees includes counselling, financial advice, personal development, health and physical wellness, health awareness, telephonic and face to face counselling in 11 official languages.  Our program for learners includes, career guidance, personal coaching, talent nurturing, extra mural activities, pre and post exam consultations, tertiary application assistance, health awareness and financial education.


Respect for our service users, Confidentiality, People first, Passion for welfare, Excellence, Diligence, Individualism

Our primary aim is to provide employers with support to maximize productivity in the work place through direct intervention with the employees to cater their Psycho-social needs. 

To provide a friendly effective support to learner in order to enhance psycho-social well-being to ensure effective learning that promotes diligence, excellence and creativity. To holistically provide support to the learners in order to maximize performance in academics and extra mural activities.


Individual consultations (face to face or telephonic counselling)

Group intervention 

Large scale awareness campaigns 

On site consultation

Home visits


All persons carry within them unique strength and with proper guidance and intervention they able to make a positive impact in productivity when they are kept at their best emotional state.

Through Psycho-social support, persons may regain their strength in times of weary and reclaim their level of performance.

why us
Qualified and experienced Tailored service to meet each client and service users’ needs We proud ourselves in the quality of our services We are client centered We are theoretical based We are accessible and affordable
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What We Do?

Financial Advice

Personal debt management advice

General financial telephonic advice & support

Tax advice

Legal service referrals

On site counselling 

Telephonic counseling 

Referrals for face-to-face counselling with treatment professionals near your home or place of work (short term solution-focused model)

Health awareness campaigns

Managerial support and referrals HIV/AIDS Testing, Management and Support

Absenteeism Management

Substance Abuse Testing and Training


Trauma Debriefing 

Talent grooming 

Pre-post exam consultation 

Health awareness campaign

Career guidance 

Subject group/individual tutor

Counselling/therapeutic services

Statutory administrative services 

Extra mural activity support 

Inspirational sessions  

Personal development



Cognitive behavioral therapy


Family therapy

Marital counseling

Anger management

Trauma counseling